DJI Air 3: This Drone Will Make Your Instagram Photos 300% More Epic and Extreme

The consumer drone market has a new high-flyer in the recently released DJI Air 3. This latest aerial photography drone from the category leader DJI packs some exciting upgrades over its predecessor, making it an enticing option for enthusiasts and professionals.

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With its dual-camera system and long flying time, the DJI Air 3 seems like an outstanding drone. Its creative photography skills pique my attention. However, I’m concerned about the enormous protruding camera’s vulnerability in the event of a collision. Can anyone who has an Air 3 offer their thoughts on the drone’s durability and safety ?

According to a review by Digital Camera World, the DJI Air 3 is a step up from the DJI Mini 3 Pro and has a dual-camera system that could be improved on the software side with full hybrid. The power and flexibility of the drone beats anything at this price. The drone has all-round (omnidirectional) collision sensors that can help avoid collisions. The DJI Air 3 matches the build quality we have seen from DJI’s recent releases with the main body of the drone boasting a solid, compact frame that weighs in at just 720g. This lightweight structure doesn’t compromise durability – the drone’s construction is robust and can handle the occasional bump without significant damage.

To be honest if you directly hit any gimbal in a crash on any DJI drone they will break as they are mounting on vibration isolation mounts which are not the strongest in the world. But the obstacle avoidance sensors on this one shoudl work better than the other generatiuon DJI drones!