Rx loss msp failsafes:?

I have the diatone rabbit 239 NX taranis qx7 with r xsr receiver. Throttle min is set to 1008 throttle high is 1995.
End points are calibrated properly in the CLI.
Quad copter flies fine usually durring my first pack or so it beeps and falls from the sky. I just pick the model up reset the arm switch and it flies.
Question: what could be the cause of the rx loss ?
It usually flies without anymore Rx loss for 12 more 450 mAh packs ???

how are you antennas mounted?

Can you post a picture.

They may be damaged in someway

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The receiver is mounted on top of the vtx at the back of the quad .my antennas come out the back using the clear plastic antenna mount provided . Then the go under the quad copter below the propeller line and are mounted to the bottom of the plastic frame ending right under the motors pionting out to the sides away from each other. I will post a pick .

Wait how do I post a picture? I don’t see a camera button???

You can upload a picture from your computer.

or copy and paste works

Thanks for showing me how to send picks !!!
I’m new to computers my self. Quad copter’s as well. I have been learning fast !!!
I’ve only been flying since February of 2019 it was just way too cold during winter I got my model in December. I had a few fights in the cold but I cracked a frame and had to replace that so I gave up flying in the cold until I got some experience.
I’m doing great now I use acro only now line of sight.
I have a Windows 7 starter computer I bought just for my quad copter. I tried downloading FPV Free Ride simulator but it seams it’s not compatible with my computer.
Now THAT I am ready to start practicing FPV I really wish I could get the free ride sim to work in my computer . I’d prefer to wreck the sim instead !!!