Replace stock camera with fpv

Hi, I have a cheap generic drone that I’m loving learning how to fly. However, I can’t stick with the stock camera and would love to fit fpv to it.

Things I’ve come across on here are -
A camera kit which at less than £20 seems a bargain but is currently out of stock so then I found this

To power the camera I’ve been recommended a ‘Turnigy 1s’ if my memory is correct, what mah would I need to power the cameras above?

Ideally I would like to view the output from the camera on either my iPhone or android tablet. Is this a possibility or will I have to get a monitor?


Scott, youll need to get a monitor with something like you’ve linked. Those cameras are analog output. You’ll probably want to make sure the cameras support the same input voltage as your battery outputs to your quad and solder the camera to your copter to the battery leads, just like on a tiny whoop.

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