Replace standard Blade VTX in conspiracy 220


I have just received a TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 V2 VTX that I want to put in my stock Blade Conspiracy 220.

The TBS VTX has a 4 pin input but the Blade VTX has a 6 pin plug with 5 cables in it. It seems that the blade cable is split, three going to the camera and two getting power from the RX.

How can I make the TBS VTX work with the Conspiracy?

I am new to FPV so this is a learning curve for me!

Thank you for any help you can give, I have attached some photos to show my dilema.

So basically some VTX’s allow you to power your camera off it, they’ll have a 5v feed coming off the main connector, this looks like how you current camera vtx setup is working.
The TBS VTX appears not to work that way so wat you need to do is this

  1. Solder/plug the red/black cables onto 12v pad on fc or pdb
  2. Take the 2 remaining white and yellow wires and solder onto the camera wires (jus cut the wires an inch down from the camera side so you can use the connector for the camera
  3. Take the (i hope) remaining power cables from the camera and solder them to a 5v pad on fc or pdb

Effectivley what you’ll have is the VTX and camera being powered off the pdb or fc then the video signal being sent to the vtx by the white and yellow from the camera