Quick Release Prop Adaptors


How do these work in attaching the prop to them? I have ‘standard’ 10x45 props that have a hole in the middle that my current prop adaptor clamps around before attaching to the motors shaft. As my motors (Turnigy D2830/11) have a shaft on them, would I have to remove (saw?!) it?

Love the idea of these for my quad as it would make storage and transport much easier without the props on and less likely to be damaged! :slight_smile:

The adapter has 2 halves, the bottom half mount directly to your motor, and the top half allows you to either direct mount your prop, or attach the original motor adapter onto it. It is compatible with most motors, the mounting holes spacing is 12mm in diameter for both the top and bottom halves so just double check your motor top mount holes to make sure it will fit.

I have these motors:

They have a propshaft, would I need to remove it for these to fit?

I dont think they will work with the quick release prop holders, but if you let me know how tall the shaft is I can double check for you?

Will these work with DJI standard props??


If you are talking about your the motors on your DJI phantom, then these will not work because the phantom motors have a fixed shaft/prop holder that cant be removed.

In general these adapters will work on motors that have a relatively flat top.

If you add a photo of a motor I can let you know if they will fit or not if you are not sure.

Realised after posted.

Would these motors work with the prop adapter?



Yes they do :smile:

Would I then still be able to use the included prop adapter?


Yes you will be able to use either the prop adapter that comes with your motor, or direct mount style props.

I have now received the motors and quick release mounts, it fits on the motor fine, but the prop adapter has three holes and the quick release only has two meaning it doesn’t work with the quick release.

You are correct about that, I am sorry about that oversight on my behalf (sometimes when you answer lots of questions late at night)

If you dont want to use these with direct mount props then I will be happy for you to return then back and I will refund the postage cost too as I told you the wrong thing. Just send an email to support so I can provide you with return details.

It’s fine, I’m sure I’l find a use for them if I ever upgrade propellers. :smiley:

Ok I see the 4 holes on a 12mm pitch, which is great for my 10x55 T-Props with centre hole, plus 2 holes on 12mm pitch. I’m assuming the base piece has the same pitch data?
These are the motors, on there way now. >> Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking
I want to mount my CF T-Prop directly to the top half of your adaptor with 2 screws to keep it tidy, is there any problem with this arrangement? I don’t want to use the motors prop holder…
will order as soon as they are back in stock.


Both the top and bottom pieces have the same size mounting holes, although with your motors I am not sure how far the shaft extends on the top of the motor as the quick release prop mounts only allow for a shaft thats only a few mm long. If you do order the quick release prop nuts from us and they dont fit, you can always return them for a refund within 2 weeks.

Thanks for the reply, I think the shaft is quite short, the dimensions suggest the shaft is 4mm long x 3mm…

I hope they’ll be in stock soon, can pre-order if needed.


Hi, will these work with T-Motor U7s, and T-Motor 18x5 carbon props?

Also, how much does each adapter weigh? I would need 8 of them…

These are a great idea, though I do have a slight concern that sharp decreases in motor speed could possibly loosen the QR thread. Can you put my mind to rest over this?


Please can you get back to me about this? I am after 16 of these if they look like they are up to the job.

3 more questions:


I have not personalty tried these with the T motor however they should fit as all the T-motors use the 12mm prop holder mounting holes. If you can let me know what the shaft width and height are on the T motor MN4012-9 and U7 I can let you know if they will fit

But in terms of size the mounting holes are located around a 12mm dimater and the shaft hole is M4 and is about 10mm deep. So if the shaft of your motor is bigger than M4 and stick out more than 10mm then this adapter will not work.