Order (#35966) - missing screws

I don’t know if you guys got my email messages? I’m assuming no as I’ve not received a reply from you ?

I’m missing two sets (six screws in all) of the small countersunk screws which attach the prop spinner to the motor - see order 35966

Could you please pop these in the post asap for me? I’ve tried filing down some existing screws I had but as they’re sitting proud of the spinner it’s not really a workable solution.



(Edited for clarity)

Come on guys!! still waiting on the correct sized screws…

As well, you sent me two unmanned tech MT3515 CCW motors and two Emax MT3515 CW motors when I ordered four unmanned tech MT3515 motors (two CW and two CCW) there was no mention anywhere of this substituition and your website shows the unmannedtech motor for both CW and CCW.

The motor bells are different to each other.

Waiting patiently (still) for this to get sorted… Alex??

Hey, sorry about the delays here I know it’s unacceptable. I will arrange to get the screws and correct utech motor sent to you tomorrow. I will also send you an email with a prepaid returns label for you to return the emax motor

Thank you Alex. That’s Utech motors plural please (two of) with the correctly sized screws for the prop holder - all the details are in the order number. Please check order number #35966 and send the correct motors with the correctly sized screws for the prop holders.

As feedback, having to deal with “support” through email or through here, or on facebook or some other social medium I feel as a customer, is like wading through treacle and just makes me want to go elsewhere.