T-Motor F80 Pro bearing noise

Order Number: UT-693359
Product Name: 865-7sp-Tr5 t Motor F80 Pro Motor
Brand: T-Motor
One of four purchased motors makes an ugly noise from the bearing (?) when shaft/bell rotated by hand. Motor has not been soldered/powered yet.
Three of four motors do not exhibit this behaviour.

Sorry to hear about this issue with the motor making a strange noise. Could you please try to disassemble the motor, unscrew the screws from the bottom of the stator with a screwdriver, pry open the bell with tweezers, and then see if there is any foreign matter stuck inside, and whether there is an O-ring and gasket on the bell bearing.

Please take a video or picture of the inside of the motor and send it to me and we can pass this onto Tmotor to request a warranty replacement for you if that does not resolve the issue.

I’ve removed the bolt from the base of the motor, but there’s no way I can remove the bell without either injuring myself or destroying the motor - it’s far too firmly attached.

Ok Tmotor will usually need to see this to before they can authorise a replacement, but I appreciate it can be super tricky to remove the bell as the magnets can be very strong in these larger motors. If you have a clamp or vice grips it can make it possible. But either was I have provided some feedback to tmotor and worst case if they do not want to replace the motor worst case is that you will need to return it back to us to check/repair/replace for you.

I don’t have a vice & I don’t want to just take a pair of pliers to it as that’s guaranteed to chew it up.

Honestly I’m a little surprised you’re asking me to do this - normally in this sort of situation I would just expect to be asked to return the item for a replacement. I certainly wouldn’t expect to be asked to wait for a replacement to ship from the manufacturer in China, if that’s what you’re suggesting might happen?

Hi, not a problem. I apologize that I came across incorrectly. No, you would never be expected to wait for a replacement to be shipped from China. Tmotor just has some requirements that they expect before they will authorize us to send a replacement under warranty.

Since you can’t open the motor up (thank you for trying!), please return the motor, and we will replace it or refund you. Please use this link and use RMA #130025.

Hi again,

Apologies for jumping in to this thread (my name is Cameron - I’m another of the support staff here).

I’ve spoken with T-Motor and have managed to arrange an early replacement for you - It’ll be shipped out to you today.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


Unmanned Tech

That’s great Cameron, thanks for letting me know. I should be able to drop the original at the PO later this afternoon.


No problem at all, and thanks!

If you need anything else, please do feel free to reach out again :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Unmanned Tech

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