Quad throttle jumps


I use Turnigy TGY-i6 radio and FS-A8S receiver. In this video below you will see my problem. When I armed the quad, throttle (I stop somewhere in the middle) jumps up and down, than I activate the other AUX channel (horizon or angle mode, when is armed)) the motors stop spinning.With this is not possibile to fly…

1.rar (850 Bytes)

1.rar (845 Bytes)

When using Movie Maker you will need to save the Videos as .mp4 and not as Project.
Otherwise we are not able to see the Video.

I try to change into the .mp4 but I do not know how to do it or it is not possible.

Instead of using save as, you have to use Save Movie. After clicking For computer, it should default to MP4/H.264

I did it like this, but…
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, pdf, stl, jpg, zip, rar).

your have to upload it to youtube and then link it here

I am not on a youtube, so can you know what can be a problem without a video?

It is very hard to understand what is going out without a video… you can create a free account on youtube, but there are also other video sites like vimeo, dailymotion, facebook that you can all upload videos to and share here by pasting the link.

But otherwise if you can share some screenshots of your flight controller settings or a CLI #diff dump we may be able to have a look to see if something is amiss.