Quad Fire Eachine Falcon

Flying my Eachine Falcon and come into a landing as normal. When I get over to my quad something was on fire, quickly disconnected battery etc! Have looked at it and can’t tell what was burning… Esc look fine. Any ideas? BTW how do i attach pictures ? Thanks

I have had a few problems with this quad ( replacing vtx,camera not down to poor flying I don’t think!) is this normal or are custom builds better?

Is it possible to burn a pdb? Have cut heat shrink over esc and it’s golden !

That is strange, maybe there was some moisture in the quad that caused a short? Usually it’s an ESC that fries on quads. To attach photos you can copy/paste them.here or click the upload button.

If you cant see anywhere that’s burnt you can often find it by smelling around (just don’t let anyone see you or else you look super weird :wink: )

Defiantly the PDB just deciding wether it is worth to replace it and re-solder everything or to start again and build one. This quad has been a bit of a trouble maker!