Q800 Hex questions


I’m thinking about building a hex as my next project (to replace my trusty 3DR Quad-C) as I will be needing to lift a fair bit more weight (500 ish gram camera + 200-300 ish gimbal), and so rough calculations brings me to about 3 kg AUW once batteries, motors etc are all factored in.

So …

Can anyone confirm the empty frame weight of the Q800 including legs (specs say 800g)
Can anyone confirm the maximum propeller size that could be used (I am guessing 14 inch?)
And can anyone tell me the maximum AUW that the Q800 frame can take (>3 kg ?)




  1. Yes the empty frame weight is in the region of 800g.
  2. The arms of the Q800 are longer (800mm motor to motor distance) than the Q650 but due to the closer spacing of the motors in the Hexacopter configuration the max props you can use are about 14 inch, you could possible use 15 inch but as I dont have an assembled frame here to confirm the tips of the props could touch. But most 800mm size hexacopters max prop size is 15 inch.
  3. I would say that 3Kg would be fine but I dont suggest going much over this weight.

Also @Louise has shared some great pics and tips on her Q800 build so might be worth having a read before building the frame :smile:

If you have any other questions about the frame please let me know!

The motor shaft centre to adjacent motor shaft centre is 400mm

That would give you 3/4 of an inch clearance at the prop tips with 15" props. I would guess that should be enough, the cf tubes do not have much in the way of flex so closing a 0.74" gap would be unlikely but never say never…

Thanks guys, will keep this all in mind … have re-looked at my weights though and I was a little conservative as I am now thinking its more likely to be in the 4-4.5 kg range with the batteries I am planning to use.

Will probably go with a Tarot T960 but will have to see (and find the $ first).