Problem with TGY-i10

hallo you all!
my name is dio ( starrider )
I am a new member as well as a bright new drone builder
but who can help me with mine home made drone, a Quad 4+ ?
I do have a problem with the settings on the Transmitter , a TGY-i10 / Receiver TGY / autopilot YS-S4 V3
such as; RTL , Loiter, Hoffer / Auto-circle and Manual .
even so the fail safe settings for the auto pilot !
I have seen lots of instructions on YouTube and internet, but for the above combination , there is nothing to find!
Even so with Hobbyking , where I did get all the stuff , there is no answer !
a few pictures of mine drone and Rt/Rx!

hear from you soon
with regards
dio roelofs