How to connect Mateksys F405-std to TGY-iA6 reciver(pwm)?


Pls help me, I am COMPLETLY new to this drone building stuff, and I need help in connecting the reciever TGY-iA6 (which I gott with the cheap transmitter TGY-i6), to my flightcontroller from Mateksys the F405-std.

I couldnt find anywhere else how to connect the reciever to this particular FC, likwise how later on to configur the reciever i beta flight, pls help me!

Best Regards Yoheena.K =)

you cannot, the flight controller does not do PWM input you will need one of these.
Turnigy TGY-iA6C or this Turnigy A8S PPM iBus.

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Alright I will then buy the Turnigy TGY-iA6C. Thanks for the help! =D

But by the way is there any reciever that I can connect to this TGY-iA6 transmitter to get a long rang flying distance, for example a distance of at least 5 km or more, or do i have to buy an entirely new transmitter also?

Thank you Dale!

5km on a £45 radio not until hell freezes over. its a good starter radio, just learn to fly first. you will be struggling to go 5 km on any radio. before you buy receiver look at specs of radio and make sure its compatable, should be if new.
as soon as you have receiver try to look at some youtube vids on how to connect, youll learn a lot more, if struggling just post on here with a pic of flight controller and receiver.

what about this one, will it work?

yes but it is a large receiver the TGY-iA6C is smaller but either will work. make sure your transmitter is conpatable.

thank u very much! bless u brother :smiley:

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