Problem with Kiss Build

Hello, I have a problem with a kiss build.
I have set up the components according to instructions, but after finishing the build and while plugin power through the XT60. The Kiss FC started immediately to smoke. =(

I’m absolutely not sure what I have done wrong.

Could someone look at my circuit.

I uploaded an Image of the circuit

can you send in a photo of your wiring…
One thing that could have fried your board is if you got the power backwards.

do you have a voltmeter with continuity checker?

Here I send a photo of the wiring. (it should be the same as in the schema)
Before I plugged in the Power I checked, if the main power was reversed or if there is a solder point that shorted the board



the red cross shows where the fire started.

I found the Issue. It was in relation with the LED Furios Board. The Main BAT Power was reversed. I think this was causing the short on the KISS FC.

well done finiding the fault.

Sorry it cost you a Kiss FC.

You can never check your build enough during build.