Anybody cut down a KISS PDB?

I’m building an Armattan Chameleon and decided to try out the KISS FC / PDB combination for a clean installation but the PDB is too long for the front end on the Chameleon.
Has anyone cut the ESC mounting part of the KISS PDB down and turned it into a normal sized square PDB?
I asked Flyduino if it could be done, and if there were any connections within the PCB that I can’t see on the surface but all I Got back was 'we wouldn’t recommend that’
The board won’t fit without modifying it and changing to arm mounted ESC’s.

Hi Dave
I don’t think you’ll get a definitive answer on this unless from a person who has actually done it !
If I was you, I’d choose another, suitable sized, PDB… Sorry :sob:
Steve :slight_smile:

No I think. Even you search it on google.