KISS & DJI FPV - OSD Support . It works

Update: This is no longer relevant as KISS has confirmed they will add support for the DJI FPV system

From Danial Ruff on Facebook

But basicaly he has a work around if you want to fly kiss and still get access to the DJI OSD… the only kicker is you need a spare BF FC for now. I am still hoping they will get KISS supported for DJI.

I was a little annoyed because there is no osd support for the kiss fc, so I built a bypass. The method only works (?) in conjunction with a crossfire nano rx and Betaflight FC.

1.Set CH4 on NanoRX to SBus. CH1+2 (CRSF) to Kiss FC

2.Connect CH4 to SBUS on 16x16 or 20x20 BF FC.

3.Connect Betaflight FC with the DJI Unit.

4.Define your arm switch in Betaflight

5.Fly Kiss quad with fully OSD]