Problem with devo f7 (won't turn on)

Hello I really need some help. I have a qr x350 pro with devo f7. The devo f7 didn’t come with s lipo so I’m trying to run it on 4 AA batterys. This will not work, however I have a devo f4 and this will work with the batterys! The devo f7 does work as it works via mains adaptor. Any help would be much appreciated my devo f7 lipo is in the post. Thanks

It might be silly, but are you sure you put the batteries in the right way around? And are they fully charged?

here is a video showing you how to connect the lipo batteries for the Devo F7 when yours arrives

Yes they are in the correct way as the holder for the batterys works in my devo f4 perfectly. Is it possible the devo f7 needs the 7.4v from the lipo and the devo f4 will run on the 6v from the AA batterys? Thanks again for any help

Sorry, I did not realise you where using the battery try from your Devo F4, But I think you are correct as the specs of the F7 say it needs to be powered by a 7.4V lipo. I myself dont have a Devo F7 to test the lowest voltage but that is the most likely reason. Since you have your lipo on the way I guess its just best to wait for it to arrive, which can be annoying over the weekend :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Thanks for your help. I will let you know if it works. I also have a problem with the camera tilt. When I tilt the camera on aux2 on the devo f7 it stops/starts recording. It should be the gear switch which stops/starts recording. I have the devo f7 set to the way it shows to allow this to happen. I have read about this and you have to go inside the qr x350 to alter some wires on the receiver, which I am not comfortable with. Is there anyway I can stop it doing this via the devo f7? I’m not fussed about the stop/start working via the devo f7 I just want to be able to tilt the camera and it not stop the recording. I can live with starting the recording via the ilook itself. Thanks

The lipo didn’t solve my problem. Looks like a new devo f7 is needed. Seems strange how it works through mains adaptor. Thanks for your help

My devo f7 will not turn on via my lipo but will turn on via mains adaptor. The lipo is fine as I just ordered it and it also works in my devo f4 radio. Could there be something in my settings? Or is my devo f7 broken. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


There could be something wrong with your Devo F7 as I said, if you can just check if any of the pins are bent, or is there anything rattling inside your radio? My suggestion would be to contact the shop you purchased from to see if they can get you a replacement or repair the unit under warranty. Sorry I cant be more help :frowning:

No problem. The pins are fine. I got it from rotorlogic in America and I live in the uk. They have been very unhelpful and the only solution they gave me was to send back the whole quad. Postage at my expense, costing the same price I could by a new f7 for. I will buy a new devo f7. Am I right in saying they auto bind? Do I won’t need to open up the quad?

I cant recall as I have not used a Devo F7 for over a year, but the other Devo radios all auto bind so it should be the same for you. So you will not need to open up your quad.

Also just as a pointer, did you pay via paypal? If so I suggest you file a claim with them as they will be able to help you get your money back if the other was placed recently. Paypal will always help the buyer unless there is a history of lots of claims.

Yes I opened a PayPal dispute and they said I’m liable for the postage. I think I can buy one for around £110. Don’t deal with ROTORLOGIC is my advice to anyone who reads this.