Pixhawk with Minim OSD, telemetry and RSSI

Hi. Can you explain, or point me at some diagrams of how to connect up a Pixhawk, Minim OSD and telemetry at the same time, along with an RSSI display on the Minim? I understand a Y lead is required to connect the telemetry and Minim at the same time as they both use the Pixhawk telemetry connector, but I’m struggling to find info on how to get the RSSI display working, although it does seem to be possible. Does the RSSI voltage go into the Pixhawk ADC port and then some software hack to get Minim to display it?

I found some useful information here:

It seems like RSSI is a bit “work in progress” with the Pixhawk.
I think I now know enough to complete my shopping list.

Thanks for sharing some helpful things you found to answer your question. We have also had a discussion about this a while back and @ianlyons managed to get it working as he mentions here

Otherwise I also managed to find this image that shows you how to connect minimOSD to your pixhawk:

Hopefully that will help, but as for RSSI I am not sure if its enabled on a pin yet on the pixhawk. But here is a guide on how to do it for the APM board if your receiver supports RSSI

  • Provide RSSI from FrSky receiver to APM.
  • Select the input pin with the RSSI_PIN parameter.
  • However some of receivers such as FrSky D8R-XP output 0 – 3.3 V.
  • For that reason I’ve added new parameter: RSSI_RANGE.
  • This was also a requested issue previously: APM RSSI 3.3V input (feature request) · Issue #648 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub
  • When the RSSI_RANGE parameter is set to your radio’s maximum RSSI voltage the RSSI rxrssi is shown in the range 0-100.
  • The ability to set the RSSI_RANGE parameter has been added to Mission Planner in the Full Parameter List:

For more information you can view it on the arducopter wiki - http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-rssi-received-signal-strength-indication/

Hi Admin and thanks for the reply. I’m pretty confident I can get it all working, in fact the stuff’s in my shopping trolley now. There is a fair amount of info around, but most of it refers to the APM controller and the Pixhawk looks to be a little different. I now see that the telemetry Y lead looks unnecessary with the Pixhawk as it has two telemetry ports as opposed to the APM’s single port.

At the moment I’m trying to decide whether to stick with my current Spektrum radio stuff or change to something else (Taranis?) and maybe even go UHF.