Pixhawk on large multirotor? Current monitor for 200A

I use a Pixhawk on my large Y6 and due to the current being pulled by the motors (>120A) I cannot use the “standard” 3DR power module as it is limited to 90A and would probably burn out.
I have tried various chinese/HK power boards with APM/Pixhawk current sensors, but these have been unreliable to say the least! (can you smell something burning?)
Anyway, I recently found a web page about a guy who has designed a high current (200A) high voltage alternative to the power module.
Have a look here:
They look to be very well thought, high quality and reasonably priced.
I have just ordered a set, so I’ll post some comments when it arrives.

Those are decent power modules if you need high current motors. I know what you mean about some clone power modules, I know even some of them dont include any current sensors on them as they are purely a voltage regulator :stuck_out_tongue:

We have actually been talking with Christian Mauch to sell his stuff at our shop so should have some within the next month or so. Looking forward to see what you think of them :slight_smile:

Yeah, Chrisitan seems like a very knowledgeable and helpful guy.
Good to hear you might be stocking his products.
Kudos to him for designing these (something 3DR should have done ages ago) and giving us a quality alternative to the chinese rubbish.

I’ve used the Attopilot 180A on two relatively large current multirotors with PIxhawk very successfully. The first a Sky Hero Spy 600 Y6 would draw upwards of 120amps on 4S and I also have a Spyder 700 X8 weighing 6.5kg with 8 x T-Motor U5 motors on 6S that draws a similar current wot. It’s a cheap, easy and really reliable solution to this issue.