Measuring current draw with multimeter

Hello! I have a fixed wing drone with mRo X2.1 autopilot and an ACSP5 power module. I need to calibrate the Amperes per Volt of the Power Module. Is there a way to safely measure this with a multimeter? I am aware of the Turnigy Power Analyzer solution, but don’t have the time to get one in right now.


Picture says more than 1000 words … but let me try to explain it also. You’ll need to split power supply to connect multimeter in serial, here i used some leftover wires and pair of xt60 connectors, where i connected black - ground directly between both negative terminals on xt60 connectors and then used 2 leftover red wires (from some batteries - ignore bullet connectors at ends) and soldered them to positive connector of each xt60. Then you set your multimeter to 10A reading, and also connect positive probe to the connector that is marked 10A (bigger fuse). Then you need to connect black probe to the red wire coming from quad (female xt60), red probe to the red wire that will be connected to battery (male xt60) - i’ve used some crocodile clips for that. And that is basically it, you need to connect battery and read out the amperage used. Remeber don’t go overboard with throttle since multimeter can take max 10A. Of course it depends on the multimeter itself, so please check that in advance. If you have some different kind of multimeter, try to figure out what to do. I’ve used the cheapo one i have here in fly bag since it’s most likely you have something similar. Good luck :slight_smile:

PS added ‘professionaly’ made schematics made with mspaint

Thank you very much for this, it is a great tutorial. Apologies for the late reply. I ended up purchasing a current meter that I had to solder XT-60s on. I’ll likely need to use this method for other setups I’m working on. Thanks again.