Pixhack Quickstart Guide/Manual



What is the name of connector on dbg interface?
male and female?


I don’t see voltage sensor measurement at mission planner. I use pixhack power module and connect correctly I’m sure :). I’ve switched all option at mission planner but still I see 0.00v and 0.00A at mission planner. Can you help please?


Are you sure your power module includes the current/voltage sensor? I know some are only a5v regulator. It would also be helpful to check the connections again


Hello everyone I have a problem with my pixhack, is no longer powered by USB or from the servo jacks.


May your usb cable be faulty or did your pixhack died?


Credo ci sia un problema di alimentazione non si accende neanche con il power module


Please write in english so everyone is able to understand you


I think it’s a power problem does not even come on with the power module


Yeah if no lights come on at all it’s not a good sign… how we you might also want to try removing everything connected to your pixhawk and try usb alone… but my guess is your unit is fried :frowning: :coffin: