First look at the PX4 Mini Autopilot

I recently got my hands on a PX4 Mini v1.4 autopilot board. The PX4 mini is what you get when a Pixhawk and a Naze 32 does what two boards in love do, and the PX4 mini is the result. So you can think of it as a racing

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is this controller compatible with FrSky/Taranis SBUS receivers or they need to be configured to PPM protocol? I would be using aFrSky XSR receiver.

Yes it is combatible with sbus, it works exactly like the pixhawk. For example I use the X8R via sbus with no problems. However for other receivers such as X4R-SB you might need an sbus inverter (I have not checked). But even easier if using the X4R-SB you can just bind it in ppm mode if sbus does not work and it will work with the px4mini with no problems.

Can you confirm the power connector for this FC please, I assume it’s a 6 pin JST SH connector?

At which point an existing power module with the correct connector could be used

Yes you are correct, its the same pinout as the pixhawk power module so you can use a standard power module with this board, although they have DF13 connectors, but both have the same hole pitch and are ‘loosely’ compatible

OK so I’me probably missing something
obvious but if I use JR radio how would I connect the receiver
channels to the PX4 Mini? I can see the 8 outputs for the ESC’s but
now individual channel inputs.

Does your JR radio only support PWM? If so then you will just need to use a PPM encoder to convert the PWM signals into a single PPM.

PX4 autopilot only accepts SBUS or PPM inputs. If you dont know what these mean then check our our guide that explains radio control protocols

JR does have a system similar to Futaba SBus called XBus and but they are not compatible. This only leaves the usual PWM outputs but I can see now that the PPM encoder should work.

Hi Alex
Thanks for this guide
I am considering moving to this from APM-MINI
Am I correct in thinking this has more processing power and will run the latest 3.4.1 software that APM-MINI rejects ?
Would you recommend this as a APM-MINI replacement, on both 550 Hex and 250 Quad
Steve :slight_smile:

Yeah definitely it’s a good replacement and runs the latest ardupilot firmware, also has better sensors and comes in an aluminium case :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex
I’ll order one tonight :joy:
Steve :slight_smile:

Just decided buy buy a PX4 Mini and it’s out of stock! Any idea when it will be re-stocked?

:frowning: just ran out of stock yesterday ,but more are being made so should have some in in about 1 week. Have you added your email to get a notification when its back in stock?

Yes I have added my email to stock notifications.