Phantom 3 range extension

Hello, I’ve been using phantom 3 standard for a while now. Really love the drone. Over time I got more and more used to it and wanted to go further and further. But now the problem is that the distance seems a bit too little. (Max I got was about 600 meters). Area has a lot of trees but there are places where there is one thin row of trees and I want to go over them and just film the crop field from up close but I keep getting the signal lost even if it’s 200 meters away :confused:

I’ve read a lot of suggestions on how to increase the range of this drone especially using the Argtek mod but a lot of people suggested to not invest in that kind of thing and just sell off my drone and buy a used P3 advanced instead or use a “Windsurfer” mod instead.

My question is: Is Argtek (or any other antenna mod) that bad and not worth it? Should I buy Argtek antenna mod kit it or should I rather use cheap but not very convenient mod like “Windsurfer”? Or maybe I should try to trade off my standard for an advanced (Wouldn’t really want to do it since I like the quality of my current drone and don’t want to risk to trade in for a bad one)