Phantom 3 standard filter recommendations?

Hello, I was looking for Phantom 3 standard filters. I found two companies that make what i need. One is Neewer other one is Polar Pro. There is very little reviews on both products so I wonder can someone help me choose what product should i buy?

Polar Pro:


The price of Polar pro is double the Neewer. Is it that much worth?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If you dont know much about the filters then I would personally suggest you go for the cheaper ones, Generally the quality of the lens makes a difference, but its only something you would notice if you are a professional (which you might be) or you compare them side by side.

Its the same story when you are buying lenses for your camera, professionals spend more money the lens than the camera itself , whereas most people are more than happy with the standard lens quality as 90% of people cant spot the difference (unless you put them side by side again).

Also since the phantom 3 camera is not exactly the best in the world (although its still very good for a drone) I double we will see much difference between the two ND filters.

Let us know which one you go for and what your experiences are like so if anyone else has a similar issue they can get the answer quickly!

Thank you for your suggestion. I will probably choose the cheaper ones. My main concern now is that the Polar pro (more expensive one) has just the cap on the camera and the Neewer (cheaper one) has an adapter that goes on a camera first and then a screw on filter. I wonder if that can shorten the lifespan of gimbal and camera.

That’s a good point, didn’t notice that, but i guess it could also explain the cheaper price as you will probably find theyass produce filters as standard size and just use adapters. Fortunately for brusgless gimbals it should not make a huge difference on motor lifespan as long as it’s not too heavy for the motors. Main thing is that it might make the stabilisation worse if it’s too heavy. But at 28 reviews, if this was a problem someome would of mentioned it

I’ve heard this from big Youtube players, and from my experience, quality doesn’t increase exponentially as the price goes up. The filters I use for my Phantom 3 standard were around $20, they’re quality made, and it comes with 3 ND filters and 1 polarizing lens. Totally worth the price. Here is a video I made, showing how to use ND filters with your Phantom 3 standard and higher. It also show cases these ND filters. Check it out if you want to learn more!

Thanks for sharing that. I have never play too much with NV filters as spend most of my time focusing on the engineering side of drones (building and coding) as that’s what I love about this hobby. But your video does nicely illustrate the improvement of an nd filter :slight_smile:.

Out of curiosity have you ever directly compared a cheaper one Vs the more expensive obranded one such as polar pro?