Pad& capacitor came off FC:

Pad lifted off in hard landing Diatone 239 NX Rabbit Mamba flight controller.
I moved the capacitor to the two other 5 volt and ground pads at the back of the flight controller on the left.
It doesn’t fly right I had to turn my D term filter down to 70. It seams like my quad copter is sensitive to different batteries.
My lipos are marked by numbers 1 through 14 . Packs 11/13/6 & 3 seam to be causing more noise into my flight controller . Can anyone help ?
I’m thinking about adding another capacitor to the wire harness from the ESC to the flight controller on the positive and negative wires.
It’s definitely different than before it popped the capacitor and I moved it’s location .
I put filter to 70 and it will fly without the quad acting weird.
Im using Bettaflight 4.0.2.
I have Diatone Rabbit 239 NX newer version with 2 inch Avan Blur propellers. I had a great tune going until this happened.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
In summation : pad and capacitor popped off. Moved capacitor location to far left rear 5 v & ground on Mamba f405 mini .
It now doesn’t fly right. Throttle seams to go up slightly in the wind.
After turning D filter in Bettaflight to 70 from 100 it flys better.
Before capacitor came off I could move my filters around and still fly .

Not too sure i’m Much help bud, But as noone has said anything i Thought id say hello. I just put my capacitor on the base of my power wires going from my PDB to the XT60. Shouldn’t really effect the flying of the quad, I don’t think anyway. I thought it was to remove electrical noise from the power going to the VTX video feed. I might be wrong though.