P, I (and D) gains in a nutshell

I have been reading up on what I will need to do for setting up my APM. One of the confusing aspects was the PID settings. I have con across these before from using my 3D printer but really had very little idea as to what they really do and how they effect the machine.

I found this site: P, I (and D) gains in a nutshell | Flite Test which has a great guide as to how the PID setting work on a rotary wing machine. Thought I would pop it up here for others who may not have seen it :slight_smile:

Thats a great link, thanks for sharing :thumbsup: Explains is all in a very clear manner.

Also I remember wathcing this video which also explains PID for more general control applications. Sometimes I prefer watching a video than reading something :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are interested in understanding more about control systems Brian Douglas has loads more great lectures which go into details of many important aspects of control.