Omnibus F3 AIO - Does it have a Barometer

Hi, I would like to confirm if the above Flight Controller (SKU41C-E02-4B6) comes with a built-in barometer. I have seen so many FC boards like this one and most of them state that Baro is “Optional”, this got me confused.

So appreciate if you could confirm that the Omnibus F3 AIO offered by Unmanned comes with the built-in baro. Also, when do you expect them to be back in stock.

Look for the Pro version of Omnibus FCs. They are the ones that have the barometer built in.

Check this link.

Thanks, the Pro version seems a good option. Is there a user manual or at least a diagram that shows the location of the UARTs and the pin designations?.

There are plenty around the web, along with YouTube videos. I would think a pin out would come with the flight controller.

Some of the non-PRO’s have BARO fitted, but it may need the feature enabling in CF/BF before it is recognised, look for the symbol in top row of screen towards the right.
Steve :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is what I have noticed. Gets confusing a bit.

I’ve just had a Omnibus F3 AIO (non PRO) delivered, it has baro (MP280) and it was active when I loaded iNav firmware.
No Magnetometer, which is just what I wanted as I’ll be using the one in the GPS puck.
Got OSD,
NOT got current sense or built-in PDB as I don’t want high currents floating around on this board with the gyro, accel and F4 cpu.
Perfect configuration !
Steve :slight_smile: