Newbie with new LiPo not lasting ten minutes in QX7

Hello, all!

TLDR first: new Luminier 2100 not lasting ten minutes after a charge in a QX7. Charging gear: Imax B6 mini, and the battery took a bit over 2 hours to charge with a current setting of 1 amp.

After finally finishing a 3D printer build, quadcopter parts kept coming up as interesting projects. For the first time in a good while, I decided to test the waters gently and start with a Taranis QX7 and a license for FPVFreeRider. I’ve ordered some parts, but I really want to practice on a simulator before actually putting things together and breaking them (my first try at a string-controlled plane as a teen didn’t last a minute before I had a spray of plastic parts).

I didn’t think through researching battery options before buying the QX7, so was anxiously waiting for the battery. Bought from a very well-known US source, and charged on an Imax B6mini (based on Amazon info on the page, this one was noted to be authentic, rather than knockoff). Charging took a couple of hours, which made sense since I set current at 1 amp. Maybe I’m a bit too conservative, but I tend to treat my batteries gently.

Yesterday, finally got time to play on simulator, and low voltage warning started beeping after less than ten minutes. Put battery on the charger again, and took only a few minutes to reach a notice of full charge. Tried again with the simulator, and again only got 5-10 minutes of play.


Stan McIntosh

Check the lipo with a lipo checker. Each cell (when charged) should be 4.2v
Then I would check the calibration of the battery meter in opentx and make sure it matches what you expect.

Also a 1c charge on that battery will be 2.1a and with balance should take no more than an hour.

Some batteries can be charged at more than 1c and this reduces the charge time… but you need a good charger for that really.

Hope that helps


1 - How many cells is your battery ? 2S, or 3S? ANd what is the voltage once it has charged?
2 - I think that maybe your low voltage alarm on your radio is set too high, maybe for a 3S and you are using a 2S.

Details on how to set the low voltage alarm on your taranis is here:

Thank you both for your help. I will check cell voltages this afternoon when I get home. This is a 2S pack, and the QX7 is alarming when voltage drops to 6.6V.


Just watched a charge cycle, which took about 5 minutes, and cells were within 0.01 volts of each other. In my QX7, the low voltage warning is 6.5 volts.