Newbie question about brushless motors

The wires around the windings are not tight.
Is this a common issue or only with the cheap
models like mine “Racerstar BR2207S 1600KV”, and does that affect the lifetime of the motor ?

The video doesn’t work, but no it’s not a common problem usually. The main issue with cheaper motors for me is they usually have bad bearings that wear out faster.

Thanks Alex @unmannedtech1
I fixed the link. :sunglasses:

Those windings are bad…
They shouldn’t be that lose.

One of the strands could be broken were you cant see it.

agree with doomed, if motor works ok though pull it tight from bottom and put a little epoxy on it, it will last longer than the bearings.

The motor should work it came out of the box,
sealed with the quality check sticker. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Does it have to be epoxy or can I use Loctite super glue?

epoxy better super glue brittle

I have a set of 8 RacerStar motors, and they don’t look like that. Send em back.