Brother Hobby Returner R5 Deadpool 2306 2650kv motors

These are my first set of expensive motors I’ve purchased I’ve read and listened to nothing but ranting and raving at the Quality of BrotherHobby Motors

During production the motor mount hex bolt was bad when the Hex is broached out there is a plug remaining needs to be removed or checked for Quality Assurance it was left in the hole…
I am very disappointed and I wonder what else was missed or overlooked in these Supposedly high end BrotherHobby Limited edition Deadpool motors…First impession of high quality has been lost now…I will consider a cheaper options my next build

Thanks for the heads up, I was considering getting some of these but didn’t cuz of doubts over quality.

Hey, I totally agree with you, I am 99% certain brotherhobby will help you get the issues resolved as they do care about customers (if you purchased from us we will 100% help you). But the fact is you are paying alot for these motors to avoid such things happening in the first place…it’s not only about raw performance… :fast_forward:

I am a Quality Engineer working with 5 axis Mills etc I’m looking at the entire product here
I consider the box and Screws to mount the motor just as important. The motors themselves are flawless from a cosmetic inspection, windings are tight

Also the 3 wires leaving the motors that everyone has been complaining about possibly getting crimped off is not rely an issue…Mine are perfect there tight against carbon fiber arms, there is sufficient heat shrink and frankly I like it