Newbie - aerial filming platform

Hello chaps, I’m looking at aerial filming as I walk in the Highlands of Scotland. Like to try before I spent large chunks of money and wonder what drones are best for the job. Willing to consider upgrading or adapting as well.

I was considering the Spy camera DM007, it’s cheap but some reviews state that the camera is not great, neither is the flying time. Others have changed the camera for an 808 keychain but I understand that filming is touch and go as you may (as a newbie) miss filming the target.

I’m talking cheapskate here as I’m not into buying expensive gear and then finding out it’s not my cup of tea. So around £70 max I’m afraid. Can you make any recommendations that will get me reasonable flying time and great shots?


You be hard pressed to find a good aerial camera for less than a few hundred £££s. The Hubsan X4C is OK for a bit of fun. I’ve done a couple of years of TV drone work but still turn to the X4C for indoor flying practice and even a bit of FPV racing with the kids. It’s a micro drone with no frills but still fun to fly. The camera is like that of a camera phone from 2005, equiv of 360p.

The X4 Plus is not recommended because it has expensive proprietary batteries.

Hope that helps.


Agreed with @crystalmark, that you problably not going to get anything decent for that price. All of them will have a mediocre, to terrible camera, none will offer any autonomous features like position hold to make flying easier. And none of them have stabilised camera. To get great shots you will need to invest in a better platform like a DJI phantom 3 standard, but then you are looking at about £450, but that is a very decent quadcopter with great camera and excellent gimal to shoot smooth videos and non blurry photos. However some of the cheaper ones can give to a taste for what is possible, and they are fun to get started with.

But if its your first quadcopter I would almost suggest getting a cheap £14 quadcopter to practice flying first as they are very tough and can take lots of punishment. That said flying something like the phantom is 100% easier than something like the CX-10 as its got lots of automation to make it very easy.

If you are keen to buy something just let us know here first and we can provide out comments before you spend your money (even if its not from us) :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. i will check out your recommendations