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hi their, hope this doesn’t sound to daft a question, :thinking: I’m thinking of using a APM 2.8 flight controller for my first 550 quad build and i was wondering can i use a 4in 1 ESC board to connect to the APM 2.8 controller instead of connecting 4 ESC per motor?..thanks guys (y)


I dont see why not…
I think it will be fine.

@UnmannedTech do you guys know ?


Cheers Pal’ i think a 35A ESC board will be ok, the motors i’m going to use are 3508 850kv 4 of… thanks for replying Jason :+1:


Yeah you can assuming the ESC you are using supports pwm input as that is what APM sends an ESC.


Cheers Alex, its a good job you mentioned about ‘‘does it support pwm input’’ i just checked and it does support pwm, this is the one i’m thinking of getting, Racerstar REV35 35A 4 in 1 ESC, thanks again for your time and help Alex :raising_hand_man:

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