New drone sizing and weighting

Hi all,
I am currently look at parts for a new, upgraded quad from my original zmr 250 and just wanted to check I have my sizing right and that everything will integrate OK before i jumped in and ordered it all. I am not planning to do any competitive racing or any wild long range flying as this will be just a personal project.
the set up is to be:
Hyperlow CG FPV Quadcopter Frame
Matek F405-CTR AIO Flight Controller
Tattu 1300mAh 14.8V 45C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack
Flysky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver (using a flysky fs-i6x transmitter)
ChaosFPV CF2205 PRO Motor Pack 2600KV rating
Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESC’s
Ublox NEO-7M GPS with Compass GPS module
FPV200 HS1177 Camera and ChaosFPV VTX Bundle Pack (with monitor goggles I have already used with this vtx)
and finally 50x30 proppellers
my overall weight is 426.3g and the motors produce a max thrust of 920g- so just a little over a TWR of 2
any advice and alternative options would be very much appreciated!

That all looks good to me.

But go with the 30A Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESC’s

Happy Building

I used the chaos motors and ESCs and found them very noisy overall, I’d be tempted to spend a little more on the motors and ESCs. If you aren’t really flying fast and aggressive prop up a little drop the KV on the motors and look at some 2206. This should give you better flight times and a bit more future proof.
The Flysky receiver is ok but has a single antenna, I was having a lot of trouble with Flysky so moved to FrSky, an expensive move at the time as I had to buy receivers for 5 drones!
I might also be tempted to go with 1500mAh rated batteries with a higher C rating, again there is a cost implication, but will serve you well for future proofing.

Ok sounds good I’ll have a look into all that and hopefully my budget will stretch
Thanks very much!

Keep an eye out for specials, I got 4 DYS 2205 2250 with 25A ESCs for £65, got the. On Chameleon 6 inch flys great, with 5min plus flight time on 1500mAh 75c rated battery. Can get this down to about 3 mins or a bit less with some effort but often ends with me walking to pick it up after a crash :slight_smile:

ok will keep my eyes peeled and thanks again

Good choice overall, but I would add that you should consider getting a jumper t8sg V2, or taranis qx7 as your radio as they are both 100x better. I am currently using my jumper radio the most to be honest as love that it binds with just about everything.

But I also appreciate its a fine balance between budget and the flysky is still a great starter radio for the price :slight_smile:

Also grey choose on the hyperlow CG… for me it’s one of the best frames around right now. We will have more towards the end of this week. Hyperlow have also released a new rs frame you might also want to consider (just to add to the confusion!)

Any other questions just let us know

If you are dedicated to using the FlySky i6x, i would recommend getting an X6B receiver to replace the A8S. It has better shielding from interference, and provides battery telemetry to your radio.

Depending on which version of the A8s you have, early versions were known for unexpectedly causing failsafes. Details in this link: FS-A8S help. - RC Groups

OK sounds nice- would they still be compatible with the flysky receiver or would i need a different one?

fair enough,I had used an A8S before which seemed to be ok but then again the X8B are only around £5 more right?..

It’s the v1 a8s that had this issue, all the ones that are V2 have this issue fixed :slight_smile: