Naze 32 Revision 6 Flight Controller Guide



Hi there Alex.
I’m still a bit confused here, as your “pinout”, “close-up” & '“typical” diagrams are conflicting in what that connection does. These types of diagrams are helpful to someone like me who has never picked up a Naze ever, but I fear if I wire a buzzer how your pinout diagram shows, but look at the close-up diagram, that buzzer will be permanently buzzing. I’m also assuming that the Naze gets its power from a bec esc?



Hey, thanks for your feedback, I was pretty sure I updated the diagram to make things abit clearer but not sure what happened, so I will get this updated to make it as clear as possible.

And I see the problem with the closeup diagram, so I will update that, but for the buzzer, that is how you connect it as the software controls when it beeps, its just the closeup diagram (Naze32-Rev6-pinout3.jpg) which is wrong.


Hey Alex.

Cheers mate. Thought I was going mad when I read through the feed & then looked at the diagrams. I’ll be picking your brains for more info when I’m back off my hols.



Sure no problem, good to have some feedback to make the guides even better :slight_smile: Enjoy your holiday :sunny:


Hi Alex.

Does this Naze support OnsShot ESCs?



Yes they do, actually any flight controller that runs cleanflight supports oneshot ESC :smiley:


Hi Alex,

I find contradictory motor layouts on Google (motor 1,2,3,4).

In your diagram motor 2 is on the front right leg but connected to port 3. Is this correct? Or should motor 2 and 3 be switched?



Thanks for pointing that out, and you are correct, motor 1 hoes to output 1, 2 goes to 2 , 3 to 3 etc… so I need to get the diagram updated.

Actually surprised it took so long for anyone to spot that mistake! When I build my quads I usually just open cleanflight and use the diagram there for motor/ESC order so did not pick it up on the diagram :disappointed:



first of all thank you for collecting and sharing all this information.
In the pinout-picture it looks to me that the 3.3V have to be fed into the naze-board because the arrow is pointing towards the pin/board.
In the following picture(the closeup of the auxillary connectors) its the other way around: the arrow points away from the board (which I assume is correct).



Hi all.
Nice tutorial.
I’m having problems with my OrangeRx R615X receiver.
I used the BIND channel to use with ppm connection (like everyone said) but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t even power up.
What do i have to do ?

Thx in advance.


The Rev 5 had 5v and GND exchanged for the PPT connection, making it incompatible with a standard servo connector. It seems the Rev 6 put them in the “correct” order.

Would you have connected your RX with the same wiring as the Rev 5 which would have worked?


hello guys i have a problem with Tarans X4R smartport and GPS on NAZE32 rev6…
i connected the X4r like this

and works fine with the SoftSerial1 to smartport…

But when i connect the GPS to SoftSerial 2 ports 7,8 GPS is enabled and working good but i instantly lost the Telemetry on my Taranis…

has anyone any idea, what is going on?
.the gps is working on 9600 baudrate


Any proceedure above that will differ using a Spektrum SPM4648 race reciever?


Great post, congratulations!
One question, GPS is working with acro and 6dof naze32 versions?



If you are only using GPS for position/speed to display on an osd then it is possible. But you can’t use GPS on a 6DOF/Acro board for position hold or return to home etc as that requires an extra compass sensor which you find on the 10DOF/Full boards


Then with ublock m8n, that includes gps + compass, I could have rth and hold position on naze32 acro. Undertood, I apreciate.


Is it Possible to add External MAG and Baro BMP280 at the same I2C Port ?


wow what a find was looking for a wire diagram and found this THANKS have parts for 2 builds a 400 quad and a 350 hex i have a naza32full and a cc3d what fc should i use in the hex??


I hope to make myself understood,
can i conect the gps in the pin UART 1?


I am new to setting up Quads but I think both the Soft Serial ports need to run at the same BAUD RATE.