NAZA M V2 hook up

Why won’t the Hawk"s Work ESC’s plug into the M1-4 on the NAZA controller ?

Hi, welcome to the dronetrest forums, since you are new here, I suggest you read this in order to properly format a question so we can help as its hard to answer when you provide so little info: :raising_hand_man: How To Ask For Help

But for your questions, based on some guessing:

Let’s troubleshoot this step by step:

  1. Motor Channel Mismatch:
  • Ensure that you’re connecting the ESCs to the correct motor channels on the NAZA controller.
  • The Hawk’s ESC for Motor 1 (M1) should indeed be plugged into the M1 port on the NAZA.
  • Similarly, ESCs for Motors 2, 3, and 4 should be connected to the corresponding M2, M3, and M4 ports.
  1. Orientation of Signal Wires:
  • When plugging in the signal wires from the ESCs, make sure the white wires are at the bottom.
  • The white wire typically corresponds to the signal wire, which carries information from the flight controller to the ESC.
  1. Check the NAZA Configuration:
  • Connect your NAZA flight controller to your computer and open the configuration software (such as DJI Assistant).
  • Verify that the motor assignments are correctly set up in the software.
  • Ensure that the NAZA recognizes the ESCs and their corresponding channels.
  1. Power Management Unit (PMU) Connection:
  • Plug the multi-color wire from the PMU into the X3 slot on the back of the NAZA.
  • The PMU provides power distribution and voltage regulation for the flight controller and other components.
  1. LED and Other Connections:
  • Connect the LED wire to the horizontal LED slot at the back of the NAZA.
  • Double-check all other connections, including GPS, receiver, and any other peripherals.
  1. Orientation of NAZA Flight Controller:
  • The arrow on the top of the NAZA flight controller must be pointed toward the front of the drone.
  • Ensure that you’ve mounted the NAZA correctly with the correct orientation.
  1. Physical Inspection:
  • Inspect the ESCs, wires, and connectors for any damage or loose connections.
  • Make sure there are no shorts or exposed wires.
  1. Firmware and Calibration:
  • Ensure that your NAZA firmware is up to date.
  • Calibrate the ESCs using the NAZA software.

Remember that troubleshooting drone components can be intricate, so take your time and follow the steps carefully.

Thanks for the feedback. I can’t load the USB drivers. Tried everything. Running Win 11
My latest is to load win 7 onto an old Dell I have laying around and hope it does not kick out the driver’s.
Any Ideas?