My EMAX SimonK 4 in 1 ESC seems to be fried 😐

Hi there,

So, I’m just about to complete my DIY quadcopter. Finished assembly, and was testing electronics when I noticed motor #2 was vibrating badly. To cut a long story short I believe the connecting pins for slot #2 are bad, whichever power board I plug in to this slot, the motor still vibrates badly :unamused: so much for “modular” design. I have ruled out issues with the APM or receiver.

Question is, has anyone experienced something similar with this ESC and been able to fix it? If not, what 6S capable ESC’s would you recommend as replacement?

I remember that the cool think about this ESC from emax is that it was modular, but now that its kind of old not many people are selling it anymore. But the best thing would be to try buy a new base/hub if you know all the other ESC are still working ok.

Otherwise you might just want to buy a new 6S compatible 4in1 ESC like the cicada 30A that we sell as these run the latest BLheli_s firmware.

I was able to confirm, all the other ESCs are still working, so the base board must be bad. And it seems impossible to source for just the base board alone without replacing the whole unit.

I’ve decided to go with Hobbywing’s 4 in 1 esc, I’m sure this will work much better. The Cicada looks great too but it might be overkill. Thanks for your assistance :blush: