My ardupilot quad is too much responsive

I’m using a APM 2.5 with bumblebee frame. The problem is it seems to me that my quad is too much responsive to aileron and elevator sticks. If I move the aileron or elevator stick a little the quad tends to move in corresponding axises much faster and it also tends to loose altitude in a big amount. What setting should I change?

Sounds like you need to set-up your radio properly. Dial down the rates and expos.

Have you also done a radio calibration via the mission planner?

Yes I have calibrated my radio in the mission planner. How could I dial down the rates and expos?

You will need to look at your radio transmitter manual on how to do this. Sorry I cant help with this, it should be somewhere in your radio settings menu.

One more thing… what flight mode are you using… If its in acro mode then that would explain the fast responce! :stuck_out_tongue: