Motors wont spin up!

Hi just built my first quad wired it up charged the batteries nothing!! esc make a bleep every few secs radio is in heli mode ardupilot has a green light and after flashing red and blue a red on at the other end its wired corectly five leads to my reciver 6 channel specktrum along with a 6 channel radio. please help what do i need to do? Only ever flown planes so really need some help do i need to mix something on my radio??

Hi It would be helpful if you can provide some more information about your quad including what radio/receiver you are using. However from the sounds of it you say you have not configured your radio properly as it should be in plane mode (as heli mode uses mixing that is not required for arducopter as the board itself takes care of this). Also have you gone through the initial setup procedure, calibrated your radio, ESC’s and compass?

Hi Unmanned Tech

And thank you foryour reply. I started in the wrong place!! ebay purchase kit the whole thing of which 75% was from your site. The guy told me just down load mission planner to the apm2.5 i have and away you go. Your site is brilliant and i have since bought a frame of you 3DR and built what i had on your frame as his did not look great. If I could say one thing about your site I have now found the info i need but on the negative side info is a bit all over the place but I love the site and now sorry to say lol going through loading firmware from mission planner and doing the callibration test and loving the whole thing i have to say. And while its not in the air yet already looking at a hex frame on your site £159 i think as the thought of possibly losing a motor in flight and still being able to land sounds good to me!! As for not needing heli mode many many thanks for that as i dont recal seeing that anywhere lol I will change that and carry on as im sure i can get the board to arm now ( found that on your site ) For the record im using a 9 channel spectrum and reciever…

Manymany thanks for your help and your site and like a dummy for now lol will carry on learning and if i need more help will get back to you.

from a very happy customer