MJX B4W Camera Sticking after landing

I recently acquired an MJX B4W Drone to which is a great Drone. But I recently discovered that the camera on this drone has three nylon gears just inside the camera opening, used to tilt the camera remotely.

Well, I live in a very dusty location, and recently upon landing on this dusty ground, the camera would no longer tilt via the controller.

Upon my investigation, I discovered after opening up the Drone, and removing the camera assembly, I found that those three nylon gears were covered in fine dust particles, keeping the gears from moving.

I think this would be considered poor design on this problem. I do not know of a readily fix to this either.

What I did however, was to take a few Q-Tips with alcohol on them and gently remove the fine dirt from the gears. I then used an air compressor and blew the gears off, to get what I could not see otherwise. I reinstalled the camera into the drone, put the drone back together and tested it out. The camera is now once again working like it used too.

Does anyone else share this problem?

Is there a fix out there that woud prevent this from happening in the future?


You know if it is not dust proof certify (IP45 or something similar, I don’t remember) you cannot complain much about it. You will need to maybe use some type of light cover on it that of course doesn’t obstruct the gears. I don’t see much solution than have maybe a very large landing pad to reduce the dust on landing.