Lightweight drone camera stabilizing gimbal with rapid setup

The Gremsy T3 (V3) is a lightweight 3-axis camera stabilizing gimbal, featuring HDMI Hyper Quick Release functionality that enables connection with just a push and twist-lock movement. Tool-free balancing and easy plug-and-play installation allow operators to set up cameras and be ready to fly within seconds.

The T3 can receive power directly from the drone battery, and the gimbal’s integrated 14.5V regulator allows you to power other auxiliary systems such as third party flight controllers, remote control systems and other accessories.

I/O capabilities, all located on the Hyper Quick Release mechanism for quick and intuitive connection, include USB, serial, CAN, SBUS and a 9-signal auxiliary port for functions such as camera trigger, PWM control and AV signals. Integrated Bluetooth functionality allows convenient control of the T3 gimbal via smartphone, tablet or other suitable device.
T3V3 is still compatible with Pixhawk FC to support its autonomous flight inspection system. It can be controlled via Lightbridge 2 when using A3/N3 FC, and be used with multiple RC such as SBUS, PPM, or SPECTRUM.
With Gremsy T3, adapting to various aerial missions has never been so fast and straightforward.

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Is it mainly used for films?

T3 is widely used for industrial applications but it still works well in some cinematography setup, suc as with sony camera, Z Cam E2 camera, etc. Below are some cameras that T3 can support. Feel free to share with me which camera you are using, maybe I can help you!