Heavy-Lift Gimbal to handle large payloads

The preferred gimbals in industrial applications are generally as light as possible to give long flight time. However, there are still heavy commercial cameras that need a large but versatile gimbal to carry them. Gremsy T7 can be what you’re looking for.

Gremsy T7 is a robust gimbal designed for heavy-lift industrial drones. Featuring a carrying capacity of 7 lbs, the T7 can be fitted with an optional extra camera slide for versatile multi-sensor operation. Built-in HDMI Hyper Quick Release functionality enables connection with just a push and twist-lock movement, allowing hot-swapping within seconds as well as the ability to withstand thousands of mating cycles.

With a large camera cage, the T7 is compatible with a wide range of cameras and payloads from leading manufacturers such as Phase One iMX, Wiris GIS 320, Corocam 8 UAV, Specim AFX10/17, etc,.

Gremsy T7 joined in the setup with Acecore Technologies Neo Drone and Workswell GIS320 camera to conduct gas detection mission.