Are you looking for a drone gimbal for industrial applications?

The Gremsy S1 (V3) is a small, lightweight single-arm drone gimbal specially designed for industrial-grade thermal imaging and other aerial mapping and inspection applications. The gimbal is compatible with a wide range of UAVs and features full support for the FLIR Duo Pro R drone thermal camera, as well as compatibility with leading sensor models from Sony, TeAx, Wiris and more.

The gimbal’s Hyper Quick Release functionality enables easy push-and-twist connection and hot-swapping within seconds. I/O capabilities, including USB, serial, CAN, SBUS and a 9-signal auxiliary port for extra camera control functionality, are all located on the Hyper Quick Release mechanism for quick and intuitive connection.

The S1 features a smart mapping mode, with a user-defined home position that aligns the camera with the forward position of the drone and tilted down 90 degrees. Built-in Bluetooth functionality allows users to conveniently control the gimbal via smartphone, tablet or other suitable devices.

Drop me a line if you are interested in the S1 gimbal! Check it out this video below to explore more :wink: