Universal gimbal stabilizer for drones

The Pixy U is a compact, ultra-lightweight universal drone gimbal supporting a wide variety of camera mountings for flexible aerial mission capabilities. It features a Hyper-Quick Release system for intuitive and quick connection.

Tilt angle is easily adjustable via Bluetooth, allowing users to quickly switch between different mission requirements. An inverted mode allows cameras to be mounted on top of the drone to facilitate safe inspection work, while still capturing every accurate detail.
Gremsy’s intuitive gTune software allows pilots to define different profiles for different cameras and easily switch between them, optimizing payload parameters for specific mission objectives. The Pixy U is compatible with Pixhawk UAV autopilots as well as the DJI Matrice 600 flight controller.

Gremsy is currently developing an open Software Development kit that will allow users to develop flexible solutions for commercial and industrial drone aerial imaging applications.