Is this fpv transmitter suit for racing drone?

5.8G FPV 2000M Range Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver, its brand name is Sinopine, has anyone tried it before?
Here is the quick details on its website:

Perfect transmitter for FPV racing! It features with two easy-to-use buttons for CH and FR, 2 LED display and raceband. It also comes with a clean pre-wired harness.
It supports full range of 40 channels including raceband 5645MHz-5945MHz.

  1. Super mini, lightweight and durable.
  2. Easy to use 2 buttons and 2 LED display to change channels and frequencies conveniently.
  3. Race band transmitter for all.
  4. Power off memory: replay the very last frequency band and channel.
    5, 40 Channel 5.8 GHz AV wireless receiver, designed for areas with too many frequencies in the air.
    6, Anti-interference ability, good image quality.Designed for long distance wireless transmission.
    the pictures:

    This product sells $21 on Alibaba, want to take a try, I hope you guys in this forum can give some advises.

Yeah it should be suitable, but its probably abit on the big side

That is definitely not the case for this FPV transmitter, but as I said it seems an OK price if you get both the TX and RX in a package. And if it will fit on your FPV racer then go ahead, but you can get much smaller transmitters for around the same price.