Audio Only with FPV transmitter/receiver?

Will most FPV 5.8GHz transmitter/receiver systems work with only audio inputs? I have an application where I don’t need or want to send video, just audio. My concern is that somehow the ability to transmit audio depends on having a video signal present. A related question is this: can a random analog signal be sent on the video channel, or does the video channel require a video format with sync pulses and so forth?


It is possible to only send audio with a FPV transmitter with no video, as that is what happens if your FPV camera fails. As for sending other data over the video channel, this could be possible but I do believe the electronics on the FPV are designed to send and receive analogue video standard data.

I do know that there was a FPV system that had something like barcoded like information overlaid along the top bard of the video feed to send telemetry data through the video signal but I can honestly not remember what the company was called.

Thanks very much for the reply. Using the video for data is of secondary interest. Mostly I needed to know if the audio would work stand alone. With that, I can buy a transmitter/receiver kit and experiment to see what the video channel could offer.


Cool, my only suggestion is that if you are only concerned about audio, why not use a FM transmitter?

I’m open to suggestions. I need a channel for audio with a range of about 2km (or more) over open water with no obstructions between transmitter and receiver. It can’t be at 2.4GHz or in the FRS band at 460MHz because we are using those frequencies for receive and want no chance of interference with the receive channels. Power supply requirement is not a concern – I don’t care how much power is consumed by the transmitter or receiver. I’d like it to be inexpensive. The FPV transmitters and receivers looked like they fit this set of desires very well. If you have a recommendation for an FM transmitter that fits this, please let me know.

I should have added: the band should be UHF or microwave, as the antenna needs to be small.