ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro FPV Quadcopter

Like the Vortex 285 fully integrated FPV racing quadcopter by ImmersionRC? Well, they have now announced the new Vortex 250 Pro which is, as the name suggests, a 250 version of the Vortex 285. Interested? Read on for some key information about this new release (available to pre-order now from Unmanned Tech for a discounted price).

To get an idea of the performance of the ImmersionRC Vortex 250, check out this video of a prototype below:

Main Features

So, here are the main points:

  • 2204-2300kV Custom Motors, with custom 20A ESCs
  • 250-sized Mini-Quad with 4mm CF arms
  • Beautiful 3k Twill-weave Carbon Fiber and custom injected plastic design
  • Integrated ‘F3’ Flight Controller, pre-loaded with Cleanflight
  • Integrated full-graphic OSD, with on-screen control of everything
  • On-board BlackBox recorder to aid in pro-tuning
  • Integrated 40 channel NexWaveRF 5.8GHz Video Tx with Dynamic Power Control
  • Race-tuned out of the box, with Pro-tuning options
  • Tilt-able, vibration-free camera mount
  • GoPro (3/4) mount included

This is pretty much your premium racing quadcopter. ImmersionRC have taken an already well-designed and well thought through racing qaudcopter (the Vortex 285) and listened to pilots and implemented their advice and suggestions to create the Vortex 250 Pro. Read on for all the info you need…

The Vortex 285 vs the Vortex 250 Pro

So, what’s the real difference between the Vortex 250 Pro and its older brother, the Vortex 285? Well, there’s still the added benefit of foldable arms on the 285, making it ideal for transport. However, the 250 is, of course, smaller but more powerful. Here’s a table outlining the altercations.

And there we have it, the new Vortex 250 Pro racing quadcopter from ImmersionRC. If you feel compelled to purchase this next step in racing quads, please follow the link provided to order; you won’t regret it!