IRC Vortex 250 Pro or IRC 285

So I’m 13 as started flying on Liftoff and is still trying to just keep the quad up in the air. I was wondering whether I should get the 250 or the 285. I don’t want a rocket ship like the 250 but I want the durability of the 250. I like the 285 foldable arms fro crash landings. I have about $$150. I saw that the 285 is on sale at Horizon hobby at $200 and around $500 for the 250. So I was wondering what you think I should get.

The immersionRC stuff is great but is among the most expensive. I would say you should rather consider the newer vortex 150 as it uses newer tech and is still a great price.

That said you might also.want to rather co sider the eachine wizard X220, as that currently on of the best budget fpv quadcopters and is about $200 and includes everything including radio, battery and charger. You can get it even cheaper if you don’t need the radio/ battery.