i550A Hexacopter Frame (same as DJI F550)

I’m thinking is buying i550A Hexacopter Frame (same as DJI F550) F550 Hexacopter Frame - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

I need help with what motors to buy. Please help me to choose motors. The description doesnt say what are the recommended motors so I dont know what to get. Also please help with which flight controlers and PDB to buy .

Please help, Thanks

Hi there,

I used the Emax MT2213 935Kv on the F450 frame. I’ve recently bought the i550A frame and plan to use the same motors on that. Should provide adequate lift, but it all depends on what you want to lift, how long for and your prop size.

In terms of flight controllers, again it depends on what you want to do. I’ve been using the Emlid Navio 2, but I also considered the pixhawk as an option.

If you’re new to this, then I can heartily recommend an excellent book called “Build your own Drone.” I used it to figure out motors, flight controllers, ESC’s etc and the upshot - the F450 flew first time. Purely down to how good the book was written.

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Brushless Motor Emax MT2213 935Kv - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop Is this the one? Do you know any other place maybe to buy for cheap ? I’m just curious, I dont see the 3 wires on that motor. may be its just the picture??

Hi Blackhole - that’s the one. Alternative sites to try are https://www.banggood.com/ and https://www.gearbest.com/ or alternatively www.google.co.uk :slight_smile: I would point out that whilst I can usually shave a few pence off the unmannedtech prices, I have found some sites to take ages to deliver.
There are three wires on the motor.

Oh and i can recommend using 8" or 10" two bladed carbon props with those motors.

Sorry about alot of questions, but searched everywhere to buy a PDB and I couldn’t find one. I was wondering where you buy them… Everything I found was for quadcopter. With those emax motors I would be needing 20a escs so I would need a PDB which can handle 120a (20x6)? Is that correct.

Yes that would be the way to go on the safe side, but realistically you are not (and should not) fly your motors on maximum for an entire flight so you could probably get away with a 100A pdb as they can handle much higher current draws but just not continuously. So you could use something like this:

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Do the flight controller suposed to be compatible with the PDB? also is there different flight controllers for different drones? What I meant was, is every flight controller can be used for a hexacopter? please suggest some flight controllers? thanks

Matek boards support 6/7 motor outputs



Thanks, do you knwo if the hexacopter will be able to manage safe landing when one motor is out? According to my research, copter loose yaw. Will hex be able to make safe landing when one motor is out?

Yes it is possible to still fly/land a hexa when one motor is out, also with an X8 setup too so they are abit safer in that respect.

I’m personally used DJI E2312E 800 kV motors with 945 propellers also from DJI and NAZA V2. It looks very stable and about 8min flight with a 4s 3700 battery.for EU market it’s not easy to get those motor. I’ve to buy in USA

Do I need a NAV system to keep the hex stable in case of motor loss?

No, but you will need a flight controller to fly a hex.

I have decided the final components for the drone as follows.

1 x Matek F722-STD Flight Controller with Built-In OSD
1xi550A Hexacopter Frame (same as DJI F550)
6 x Brushless Motor Emax MT2213 935Kv
6 x Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESC
1 x Matek PDB-XT60 w/ BEC 5V & 12V

Does this sound good ?
Also will unmannedtech help me if I ran into any issues/help during build and do they have warranty? Thanks

That all sounds good, and yes we offer a 180 day warranty on everything we sell (except batteries) and also support. So if you get stuck or something isn’t working quite right we will help and worst case if something is faulty we will replace/repair it for you.

We will also be getting the matek GPS module in a week or so, so after your build you can add that too and you can get some more advanced features.

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In fact I mentioned a DJI NAZA V2 as FC

Think about prop diameter first. Some replies yu got are from people using the quad version of this. On a hex you can’t use the larger prop. I think (??) yu are limited to only 8" props. So maybe higher KV then if using 10"

There are two reasons to go with a hex rather than a quad
(1) greater lift and payload – in this case you need not just more arms but longer arms so you can use the same props as on the quad and
(2) redundancy so you don’t crash if yu loose a motor or prop. in this case For this you can use the 450 size arms

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