How to work out what brand/type ESCs are

Hi there
Does anyone know a way of detecting what brand or type the ESCs are in a drone? There are no labels or marks and I thought they were DYS BL20 but I’m not sure now :relaxed:

Would an arduino board help??


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Add a few photos and maybe one of us could identify it for you.

Also if you can what markings are on the main chip on your ESC? Does it say ATMEL or STM?

Install BL Heli Suite software and it creates loads of, in a folder, photographs and descriptions for both Atmel and Silab controlled ESC’s Hopefully you will find yours in there :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers Steve

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Cheers for the suggestion!

So what I did (I couldn’t be @rsed to undo all the heatshrink and cable ties again) is downgrade to CF1.12 as I couldn’t get this to work with 1.13. Then tried both passthrough options in BLHeli suite and it worked finally with the AMTEL one! It says they are SN20A with BLHeli bootloader so would I be right in thinking someone has changed the bootloader? (2nd hand drone)

Anyway it worked!! And now on 14.7 which does seem smoother to me (was on 13.1 before!!)

The moral of this story is to persevere even when you just want to through the thing out of the window :confounded:

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Haha know the feeling, happy to hear you got it sorted. :thumbsup: