How do I get extra channel output from KK 2.1.5 using CPPM input?

How do I get extra channel output from KK 2.1.5 using CPPM input?
Where do I start? I want to turn off and on my strobe system, but in standard mode, I can only get 5 channel output.

I have never done this myself but it should be possible if you try changing the settings via the Mode Settings screen and the channel map option. You can read more about this in the KK2.1.5 manual You can then try to map your ch5/6 receiver inputs to pass through directly to outputs 5/6/7 on the KK2.1.5 board?

Let me know how you get on with this as I am keen to know if that will work.

Actually I think I figured it out. Changed Mode settings to CPPM, then, assigned a switch on my Taranis for Ch 6, then went to receiver sliders, and viola! I have output!
Now… all that done, and my strobes do not come on.
But, I think I have it. I just need to do some wire crimping, as I think it is a ground problem. I have a step down converter at 11.1 Volts, stepped down to 3.6V that I plan on using to power the output rail via the Ch8 pins for the strobes. (Ch1-8 no power output from board)
Then, I am going to just simply plug everything into the output rail on Ch6. That is, the signal wire that comes from my flytron strobe controllers, the power wire going IN to the strobe controller, and the ground.
That should do it.

Emailed stevies, and he pointed out in his manual, (which I missed) that it is possible through the gimbal settings… Here is his quote:
as per page 9 of my manual:

Trick to map receiver outputs to motor outputs – If you have a CPPM, Satellite or SBus receiver and you’re not using outputs M7 or M8, you can mirror Ch6 & Ch7 to the M7 & M8 outputs by setting both the Roll and Pitch gains to 1 and selecting Misc. Settings 2, Gimbal Control, “6&7”. You could then connect a receiver controlled switch to M7 and/or M8 and control it using your transmitter."

I have yet to try it ad I am caught up in lifes quagmire at the moment, maybe tonight


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Here it is for Steveis firmware version 1.19S1 Pro, on a KK 2.1.5 Mini, Using a Taranis Plus.

In KK settings select Misc settings 2…
SS Gimbal : Yes
Gimbal Control : 6&7

Exit back to main screen…

Under Camera Stab Setup…
Roll Gain : 1
Roll Offset 50
Pitch Gain : 1
Pitch Offset 50

Settings for Taranis

In Inputs,
Assign a separate input for both Channels 6&7
For both,
Weight 100
Offset 50
Side x>0
Trim off

In Mixer,
Assign a separate mix for both Channels 6&7
Source a switch on your Tx
Weight 100
Offset 0

That’s it.


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Thanks for sharing your solution and happy to see you got it all working, I am sure anyone else who wants to do the same thing will be happy you gave all the settings so thanks :thumbsup: