Homemade Ground Station ( still In progress)


Hi All,

Just wanted to share my Ground Station that I built in a briefcase.

This is the wiring plan -

Finally Everything is done except I need a hole for the antena.


I’ll update with other modifications later.

Any suggestions for improvements are welcome :slight_smile:


That is awesome :clap: Looks good to me!

A cool future upgrade that would be cool to add is a built in battery charger, mainly to charge your flight batteries. But even cooler would be to put a massive 10A battery inside and then you could even use that to charge some flight batteries when you are out at the flying field.


I like this - I typically use the laptop as my ground station for my Hexacopter (or Docking for FPV Quads) but I’ve always wondered about making something a little more transportable in the field. (Lots of wires the laptop).
Please keep us updated on this :slight_smile:


Update 2 -

Got a couple of 90 degree antenna adapters. One side connected to the vrx and other end coming out of a hole and antenna connects to it.
Perfectly fits in there. Love it

Another update soon…